Young Jesus – S/T

I stumbled across Young Jesus on Spotify this past week; despite digging their sound, it somehow took me until today to listen to a full album from front to back. The band covers a lot of ground in a subtle way. There's a subdued piece of connective tissue running through all seven tracks, but each … Continue reading Young Jesus – S/T


Some Good Albums I Listened to Last Year

This list is going to be Instrumental-centric, since that's what I've been into this past year or so. These aren't all 2017 albums, just a few that stand out as the soundtrack from this past year. 1. Bing and Ruth -¬†No Home of the Mind While¬†Tomorrow Was the Golden Age still tops my Bing and … Continue reading Some Good Albums I Listened to Last Year

Black Eyes and Blue Ribbons

How many room-temperature cans of PBR did I drink in undergrad? Let's do some math. There was the year that I kept a thirty-rack under my desk at all times, never the same one for more than a week. There was the weekend I drove to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, PBR'd myself into hilarity, and puked up … Continue reading Black Eyes and Blue Ribbons

Big Band Minimalism: The Works of Mats Holmquist

I was in the bank drive through when I heard "The Girl in the Tree," the opening track on Big Band Minimalism. The experience was similar to getting punched in the face while making love. With each measure, the force of the Latvian Radio Big Band grew, an abrasive wall of sound, yet sweet and … Continue reading Big Band Minimalism: The Works of Mats Holmquist

Dark Roast of the Soul

I started drinking coffee my sophomore year of college. I was reading a lot of Brautigan and spending many evenings in Denny's and thought coffee seemed like a cool idea. For a while I hated it; liquid charcoal, I thought. But in time I acquired the taste, developed the dependency, and now I feel like … Continue reading Dark Roast of the Soul

American Spirit; the Healthy Way to Get Lung Cancer

I always said tobacco was one thing I wouldn't touch. But one night I was drunk and a pretty girl offered me a Spirit and what else could I do? About a year later that same girl thought she wanted nothing to do with me; my solution was to split a pack with her. It … Continue reading American Spirit; the Healthy Way to Get Lung Cancer

Baltimore, the Not-So-Charming City

I moved to Maryland to attend graduate school at the University of Baltimore, a school I knew (and still know) almost nothing about. I made the trip in one day, drove straight from Illinois with all my belongings crammed in my car with me. Through the final hour of the drive I watched the sky … Continue reading Baltimore, the Not-So-Charming City

Bing and Ruth

  Sometimes when you meet the mind behind a piece of art you enjoy, it's a disappointing experience, one that taints whatever it was that drew you to the artist in the first place. Fortunately, that was not the case with David Moore of Bing and Ruth. But let me start at the beginning. I … Continue reading Bing and Ruth